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ISIC card

Being the holder of an ISIC Card (International Student Identity Card) you become member of a worldwide community with over 4.5 million students that have in common the passion for travelling, adventure and discovery. ISIC is the only card with which your student status can be proven on an international scale and offers access to over 42.000 discounts and benefits in more than one country.

The benefits of being an ISIC card holder

Having the ISIC card, you can travel further, you can stay longer and you can have more experiences by managing to save money. ISIC holders all over the world have saved together 500 million dollars annually.

ISIC offers you the following discounts and benefits all over the world:

  • Acknowledgment of student status anywhere on an international scale;
  • 1,200 discounts at plane tickets, bus, train and ferry tickets;
  • 2,800 discounts at entering museums and cultural institutions;
  • 2,700 discounts at different amusement places;
  • 2,400 discounts at students hotels or other hotels;
  • Other 30,000 discounts all over the world: pubs, restaurants and shops!
  • Access to ISIC Emergency Help Line, this being a free phone line, which you can call 24/7.
  • ISIConnect – All-in-one Communications Tool for Phone, SMS, Email and Voicemail!
  • Worldwide network of 5,000 travelling organizations specialized on student needs and travelers with the age under 26, in over 120 countries all over the world.
  • Personal planning of your trip and traveler’s guide – you can save all the useful travelling information found on this website on your website, to find it easier while you travel or you can send it through e-mail to a friend.

Who can benefit from ISIC card?

Any pupil or student- high school or college- with the minimum age of 12, and follows daily classes is eligible for an ISIC card. /x_text]

Availability of the ISIC card

The card isavailable for 16 months, starting with September until and including December of the following year. We mention that the availability of the ISIC ID is according to the last stamp on the student grades book – the year of study mentioned on the certificate presented.

Necessary documents for releasing the ISIC card:

Pupil or student grades book, stamped for the current year or student certificate ID;
30 RON or20 RON for students from Cluj-Napoca

IYTC and ITIC card

If you are not a student but you’re under 26, International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) is the most suitable for you. For teachers we offer the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC). The IYTC and ITIC cards ensures benefits, services and similar savings as the ISIC card, in Romania as well as abroad.

Necessary documents for IYTC card:

Your ID;
a Photo;
30 RON.

Necessary documents for ITIC card:

A certificate from the learning institution, proving the fact that the teacher is a full time employee;
A photo;
30 RON.