Work and Travel USA

Summer Work and Travel USA is a cultural exchange program of the United States Department of State, through which students from all over the world have the opportunity to experience American culture through work, fun, travel, and last but not least, making lifelong friendships. The program takes place during the university summer vacation.


Discover America with the ultimate summer experience

Work & Travel USA is a cultural exchange program of US State Departement, through which studens have the possibility to work legally in America during university summer holiday period.

This program means challenge, because it transposes you in a completely new environment and you have the opportunity to live and work alongside Americans. This is how you experiment authentically the differences and similarities between your culture and your colleague’s. It is a real American experience, which, at the same time helps you to cover your expenses. You will be more than a simple tourist!

United States has a unique culture in which different customs all around the world merge together

United States has a unique culture in which different customs all around the world merge together Through the Work & Travel program, you will have the best opportunity to discover the American culture because you will be working and interacting with different people. Many of the customs can be unusual and strange to the one from Romania. Being in an unknown place can be difficult even for an experienced traveler. This is absolutely normal and is often described as “culture shock”.

Conditions of participation
To apply, you must meet a few conditions of participation

For visa, students from The Republic of Moldova or other countries can also apply at the Embassy in Bucharest, if they study full-time in Romania, as well as students from Romanian universities gone with Erasmus scholarship in other countries.

10 Steps of the Program
Come early to one of Student Travel offices, with a copy of your ID, a student certificate and fill out the registration form, after which you will have a short interview with a program coordinator. Or do it online!
After you pass the interview and you are accepted into the program, you pay the first amount of the total cost of the program.
If you choose the INDEPENDENT option, you have to bring the job offer from your employer from USA
If you choose the PLACEMENT option, you attend one of our online job fairs
After you sign the job offer, you pay the last amounts of the total cost of the program and we send your documents in the States
After you receive the visa form (DS2019) we schedule you to the visa interview at the US Embassy in Bucharest
You have the interview and you get the visa
You buy your round trip plane ticket through Student Travel
You go through the online orientation session
You pack your bags and get ready for the most awesome experience because this summer you are going to USA!
Through the New Year promotion you benefit from a reduced price. Find out how you can accumulate more discounts! Deadline: 10-02-2023


You already have a job offer from an employer in America. Hurry up! These places are limited.




You can choose placement regardless the option you have chosen.



The cost of the program includes
Other mandatory costs
Are you convinced to apply to one of our programs?
You can find a job yourself or with our help

You can find a job yourself or with our help. You can work anywhere in USA, with the condition that the job is verified and approved by the program Sponsor. Before you search for a job, prepare your Resume (CV). Don’t forget to include everything about your work experience even if it was not official, everything matters (practice, babysitting, volunteering) thus you can convince the employer that you can be responsible.


This option gives you the opportunity to find a job on your own, through acquaintances, internet or friends. After you sign the contract with the American employer, we will send it to the visa Sponsor for verification. Here is a list with accepted jobs:

  • In resorts: waiter/waitress, dishwasher, housekeeper, barman etc.
  • In hotels: chambermaid, receptionist, bellboy, maintenance, banquet server in the hotel
  • In different store departments: cashier, sales assistant etc.
  • Office work
  • In amusement parks: help in maintaining the park, retail clerk, ride operator, lifeguard etc.
  • In national parks: all over the park and in specially arranged shelters.

Placement through Student Travel

The job offer available through the Work and Travel program are in touristic areas worth visiting: California, Yellowstone, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, New England – and others at your choice. Any position you would occupy, it is seasonal, therefore it does not need qualifications or experience in that field. These employers offer competitive wages and accommodation that you can afford.

Road Show: the American employers come to Romania to interview and hire students at job fairs in different cities. Time period: February, March.

Recruit: is a job fair where the representatives of the visa Sponsor interview thousands of students on behalf on the American employers. Time period: January – April.

Virtual Hire: is the employment option with the help of the internet, through which American employers or their representatives interview through webcam and hire for different jobs. Time period: starting with January.

Direct – Database: is an employment method through web, which you can use to find a job in The United States without participating in a job fair. You register Directly, fill out a Resume online, you specify what area and type of job you prefer. You get to choose from a large number of jobs and locations, to which you apply online. Time period: starting with December.

Important: All STR hiring services and jobs depend on the eligibility of the applicant, on the application time and availability. Before accepting a job, read all the information regarding that job.

Amazing experiences and fun adventures with Work & Travel USA.

Slow Grovin’ BBT Marble

Reasons to work with us:

We are a driven family restaurant. We are successful because of hard work and high energy. We create a very fun atmosphere with lots of young professionals. We promote from within and have great management team.


ONP Acadia Jordan Pond House

Are you inspired by scenic beauty? It doesn’t get any better than Acadia National Park. You can work at the historic Jordan Pond House, in a variety of departments including food and beverage, retail gifts or maintenance! We have opportunities in all our locations. You could spend your summer serving our iconic popovers and ice cream on the lawn overlooking Jordan Pond or assisting guests at one of our gift
shops at Jordan Pond!


Sands By The Sea

Sands by the Sea is a York, Maine Resort Hotel. The hotel is nestled on one of southern Maine’s most dearly loved stretches of coastline. This is a job where you’ll have good potential for 40 hours per week.. There will be days off and time for fun, but we are looking for students who are interested in getting full time work and competitive pay.

10 reasons to go to USA through us:

Are you convinced to apply to one of our programs?