Top 10 Things to Do in the Four Corners Region

Make the most of your time in the United States – get out and explore!


1. See the awesome Grand Canyon

A mile deep and as wide as 18 miles, this massive canyon in Arizona is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The most accessible part, the South Rim, can be viewed from the national park’s free shuttle buses. There are also opportunities to hike, camp, ride a mule to the bottom, and take a raft trip through the canyon on the Colorado River.

2. Tour local architecture

From the clay-brick, grass, and mud of Pueblo-style adobe structures, to the arches and clay roof tiles of Spanish Mission-style buildings, New Mexico’s architecture is both distinctive and beautiful.

3. Savor Mexican food

Whether you prefer tacos or tostadas, spice things up with some authentic Mexican cuisine, particularly popular in this area of the United States.

4. Shop for turquoise in Santa Fe

This green-blue gemstone has been central to Navajo art for thousands of years. Visit the Santa Fe Indian Market in New Mexico, August 22–23. It’s the largest and most prestigious Native American arts market in the world. Pick up a souvenir, sample traditional foods, and watch performances by traditional groups.

5. Explore Utah’s national parks

Hike, bike, and camp at Zion, Bryce Canyon, or Arches National Park. From red arches to sandstone pillars to stunning canyons, you’ll see remarkable natural features.

6. Ride through the Rockies

Ask an American friend to show you the Top of the Rockies byway. With much of the road at 9,000 feet and higher, you’re guaranteed spectacular Colorado mountain views, and you may even see wildlife such as deer, elk, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, and more.

7. Visit the Denver Mint

In Colorado, learn about the production and engraving of U.S. money on a tour of the world’s largest manufacturer of coins.

8. Go mountain biking or whitewater rafting

Bring friends and get your adrenaline pumping as you explore trails or river rapids on an outdoor adventure in rugged Colorado.

9. See White Sands National Monument

Comprised of 275 square miles of white sand, the world’s largest gypsum dunefield is located in New Mexico.

10. Visit Great Salt Lake

Located in Utah, it’s the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere. Watch the sun set over the lake, go for a refreshing swim, or kayak out to Antelope Island. The scenery is amazing!

Stay safe and have fun!

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