Hospitality and Training UK

About the program

Hospitality and Training UK program allows students to improve their English skills and to gain professions experience. This program will help the applicants in their career, gaining experience for their resume. The Hospitality and Training UK program includes the series of e-Learning, 2000 studio hours individually and 24-52 paid working weeks in hospitality.

To work between 4-12 months in hospitality industry in UK is a perfect way of improving your English, this being a dynamic and vibrant industry. The gains of the applicants will cover all the costs and even allow them to save money. This program offers placement in a city as well as in the country.

Eligibility conditions

    • Age: 18-30 years
    • For acceptance in the program you need CEFR Level B2 – IELTS 4.5
    • Eligibility for working in UK: EU citizenship or holder of YMS visa
    • Previous hospitality experience is a plus
    • Positive attitude
    • High level of personal care and hygiene
    • Not visible tattoos and piercings
    • Clear understanding of the program’s terms and conditions


  •  Placement will be available in the hospitality section and will include: hotels, restaurants, pub’s, fast food restaurants, holiday parks, spa and resorts. Most of the students who finish the program are hired as “General Assistants” and help at the daily ongoing of the business. The jobs offered are usually entry-level, although some students with previous experience have been placed as managers, supervisors and chef’s.


  • During the placement, the students will live in decent and comfortable houses which will be given by the employer. The cost of the accommodation is between 25-70 £ (pounds) a week and is deducted from the paycheck. Some hotels also offer meals.


  • Employers are located in England, Scotland and Wales. These are situated in rustic regions, in national parks, in places with natural beauties, which will offer students the perfect opportunity to relax and experience the British countryside life. We also offer placements in cities in fast-food restaurants, the perfect opportunity for students who want to work and study in a more crowded area, with different local attractions, restaurants and bars.

Application procedure- necessary documents

    • Resume in English + one smiling picture
    • Application form in the Hospitality and Training UK program
    • Copy of your ID or passport
    • Recommendation letter in English
    • Cost: Program fee – 660 euro, which can be paid in 2 rates


    Age            Salary/hour         1 week                 1 month        6 months          12 months

    18-20         £5.30/hour           £212                    £850           £5,090          £10,180

    21+             £6.70/hour         £270                     £1,070         £6,430          £12,865

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