Employer: Xanterra - Yellowstone National Park

Location: Yellowstone National Park

State: Wyoming

Xanterra - Yellowstone National Park
Job titles and wages:
Hospitality Crew $ 8.40
Server Assistant $ 5.00+tips
Gift Shop Worker $ 8.35

Job Start Dates : 6/16/2016 – 7/7/2016

Job End Dates : 9/11/2016 – 9/29/2016



  1. Cheap Housing!
    • $22.00 per week and no deposit required!
    • Manager on-site
    • No transportation needed to get to work – 5 minute walk
    • Free internet kiosks for employee use and high speed wireless is available in most dorms for a minimal cost.
    • Laundry facilities can be used free of charge!
  2. Great Compensation Package!
    • Estimated weekly wages start from $247.00
    • Bonus for completed work agreement – $3.00 per day
    • Uniforms are provided for each position.
      Please note – there is a mandatory deduction for the medical clinics of about $1 per day and all seasonal employees must pay this even if they have insurance. It allows for reduced rates at all Park clinics.
  3. Working in the world’s first National Park!
    • Beautiful mountain scenery is all around you!
    • Go hiking and camping during your time off!
    • Enjoy white water rafting and other outdoor activities!
    • View abundant wildlife (bears, elk, buffalo, deer, wolves, etc)
    • Recreation program – Employees can enjoy movie nights, hikes, and trips into town!
  4. Meals provided at a minimum cost!
    We have an employee cafeteria that will provide 3 meals a day (all you can eat) for a cost of around $11.30 per day. This meal plan is mandatory.


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