Employer: Xanterra – Grand Canyon South Rim

Location: Flagstaff

State: Arizona

Job titles and wages:
Cafeteria Worker $10.15/hour (was $8.20/hour)
Dining Room Busser $8.05/hour + tips
Guest Room Attendant $10.30/hour (was $8.46/hour)
Kitchen Utility $10.15/hour (was $8.20/hour)
Retail Associate $10.15/hour (was $8.20/hour)
Snack Bar Attendantt $10.15/hour (was $8.20/hour))

Housing and Transportation: The new housing cost is $0.48 per hour worked, with a maximum cost of $19.20/week.  The housing comes with free satellite TV service.  This is a small increase in housing (which was previously listed at approximately $18/week) but is more than covered by the wage increase!

  • Work at one of the seven natural wonders of the world and one of the first national parks in the United States!
  • Employer provides housing for approximately $18.00/wk!
  • Students have access to visit museums, art galleries, historical sites, sports leagues and more!
  • Students enjoy hiking over 100+ miles of premier trails, wildlife viewing, star gazing and more!
  • Enjoy a pay-by-consumption meal plan in the Employee Cafeteria and enjoy 50% OFF discount at the public cafeteria! Students usually pay around $12.00 a day for all meals!


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