Employer: The California Parks Company

Location: Drakes Bed Guest Ranch(14423 Chester Warner Valley Road, Chester, CA 96020) Lassen Café and Gifts (21820 Lassen Peak Highway, Mineral, CA 96063) Manzanita Lake Camper Store and Cabins

State: California

Job titles and wages:
Housekeeper $10
Waitstaff $10
Retail $10
Deli / Food $10

Employment start date: June 15, 2016 /Employment end date: End of September

Housing and Transportation: “Room and board is included for all positions.  All staff will have 1 roommate in dorm style housing.  The cost is $145.71 per week.  Transportation is provided for any staff housing.”

Important message from employer: “The key is that we are in a remote location so students coming expecting to experience Los Angeles or San Francisco will be disappointed.  Students wanting to live and work within a National Park will be delighted!”



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