Employer: Seapointe Village Realty

Location: Wildwood

State: New Jersey

Company Description:
Located on prestigious Diamond Beach, Seapointe Village Realty is within walking distance to the Atlantic Ocean and the famous Boardwalk of Wildwood, New Jersey! Earn a bonus if you work until your agreed-upon end date and complete your job in good standing!

What makes Wildwood so special? The Boardwalk offers amusement rides, water parks, restaurants, gift shops, arcades, and more. We are within a 3.5-hour drive of NYC, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia. Everything in town is easily accessible and within walking or biking distance of accommodations and work. Many students reside in the area during the summer months, and the environment is very student friendly. Working at Seapointe Village means cleaning rental town homes, mid-rise and garden rental apartments. You will be working with Americans, as well as students from around the world. This is a fast paced job, but a really fun opportunity in a great location.

Job Description:
You will be responsible for providing top service cleaning for condominium homeowners and their guests. Mostly these will be detailed cleanings with the purpose of preparing these homes for the upcoming summer rental season. Job duties will include: cleaning rugs, carpets, and upholstered furniture using vacuum cleaner; dusting furniture and equipment; emptying wastebaskets and cleaning them inside and out; cleaning tiled floors with the use of brooms and mops; using chemical-based products to clean tubs, sinks, countertops, mirrors, toilets, door panels and shower curtains; transporting all trash and waste to disposal areas, as instructed; removing items from refrigerator, stove, and microwave as instructed; cleaning refrigerator, stove, microwave, and any additional appliances inside and out; loading and unloading dishes from dishwasher, drying dishes, and putting them away in proper places; and additional job duties as needed.

Typical Schedule:
Most schedules are 5-6 days/week. Our busiest days are the weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun). Most students are not given overtime hours. There are second jobs available in the area though.

Hourly Wage: $10
Eligible for Tips: No
Estimated weekly wages including tips: $340
Bonus: Yes
Bonus is determined by work performance work duration. To be eligible, you must work at least 10 weeks, must work until the agreed upon end date and finish work in good standing. Bonus is $150.

* All figures above are pre-tax

Estimated average number of hours per week: 35
Estimated minimum number of hours per week: 32
Estimated maximum number of hours per week: 40


Housekeepers will be required to walk or stand for long periods of time, push or pull a linen cart (up to 100 lbs), lift up to 30 lbs
on a repeated basis.Standing for entire shift

Handling cleaning chemicals
Working outdoors
Working under direct sunlight
Other qualifications or conditions

English communication skills are needed. Housekeeping is very physical work and employees must be mobile and able to move throughout the property. This job requires lifting up to 50 lbs and bending to scrub floors. Students will be using chemical cleaning products and can’t have allergies to cleaning chemicals or dirt/dust. Face masks may be provided, if needed. Must have ability to learn and comprehend our many detailed cleaning procedures, and skill to work well with other team members.

Must have the ability to read, write, and understand instructions given in the English language. Must have the ability to understand and respond to verbal instructions given in the English language.

Need to wear uniform: Yes

Housing Provided: No

Community Housing Options:
Student housing is usually within walking or biking distance.
Wildwood is a 5 mile island, biking/walking distance is never too far.
Available: Yes

Housing assistance will be provided by giving students names, email addresses, phone numbers and addresses of potential housing options in the nearby area. Although we DO NOT provide housing, we try to provide a few options for you to rent if you choose them. This information will be sent to you after you’re hired! Most of the housing in the area is either apartments or rooming houses. It is recommended to arrange your housing early since options will be limited later in the season! You should have housing arranged before you arrive in America! You should not arrive without housing. Housing is around $110-125 per week. If you have not secured housing prior to arrival, you should first into arranging temporary accommodations at a motel where you can stay for a few days while you find housing. Please be prepared that you WILL be sharing bedrooms and most
houses don’t have air conditioning. Finding housing is your responsibility but we will provide housing leads.

Minimum Average Cost Per Week: $100
Maximum Average Cost Per Week: $125

You can find more information about this job here Seapointe Village Realty – Housekeeper – 2020 Summer

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