Employer: Fractured Prune Donut Shoppe

Location: Ocean City, Wildwood

State: New Jersey

Business Description:
The Fractured Prune features hot, hand-dipped Doughnuts, bagels, bakery and breakfast sandwiches. Nobody else is doing what we’re doing. Where others offer rows of preconceived doughnut flavors, we’re offering infinite choices because we believe in the individual and that there’s no wrong way to make your delicious. With 19 glazes and 13 toppings to choose from, you can customize your perfect doughnut.

Employment Description:
We have locations in Ocean City, Wildwood and Sea Isle City, NJ and you may be asked to rotate between all locations as needed . Exchange Visitors working in Wildwood will only work in this location. We cross-train staff in all positions to make the experience more interesting for the student. We are looking for staff with high proficiency in English because all positions will have direct contact with our customers. We want to provide a great experience for our customers, so we are looking for individuals that can work in a fast-paced environment, but provide friendly service. We want team members that are not just looking for a „job”, but a diversity experience in which interacting with the American customers is a key feature of our business.

Position Descriptions:
Baristas will be responsible for welcoming customers and determining their coffee interests and needs. Baristas will educate customers by presenting and explaining the coffee drink menu and answering questions. They will sell & grind fresh coffee by explaining differences in coffee beans and coffee preparation machines. Prepares and sells coffee drinks by following prescribed recipes and preparation techniques for coffee drinks, such as espresso, cafe latte, and cappuccino. Maintains inventories by replenishing coffee bean supply, and maintaining supplies. This wage is $11/hour with the potential for shared tips. There are 5 positions available.

Cashiers are responsible for sales & customer educational. Cashiers will greet customers in a friendly manner while being able to work in a fast- paced environment. They will explain the ordering process of the Fractured Prune Donut shop and help all customers throughout the completion of their transaction. This position also must prepare all espresso and coffee beverages as needed. Additional responsibilities include keeping counter and tables clean
and organized, and during slow times stocking beverages and cleaning the surrounding area. The wage is $11/hour with the potential for shared tips. There are 5 positions available.

Food Prep/Prep Cooks will act as Donut Chefs! This position must ensure the donut machines are functioning correctly and that the area is ready to produce donuts. The donut chef will be required to prepare the donut batter as needed per the recipes and directions in order to confirm donuts are the correct quality and finish. We are looking for individuals that can smile while ensuring the customer experience is above par while the customers watch how the donuts are made. The wage is $11/ hour with the potential for shared tips. There are 5 positions available.

Fast Food Crew will serve as Donut Engineers! We are looking for enthusiastic and artistic individuals who will be responsible for applying icings and toppings to the donuts. This position is visible to all customers at all times, so it is expected to work with a smile while ensuring the customer’s order is filled correctly and accurately by packaging all items neatly and correctly within the correct boxes. Additional duties include keeping counters and surrounding areas clean. The wage is $11/hour with the potential for shared tips. There are 5 positions available.

Work Hours: You should expect to work 32 hours per week from mid-June through Labor Day. Stores are only open on weekends after Labor Day so you will not have full-time hours available. You may be asked to rotate between all 3 locations as needed. All schedule changes are communicated through the web based scheduling system called “humanity”. All requests for hours, time off and other communication is done through the humanity app, so all staff must have access to a smartphone or device with internet connection.

Work Start Dates: You should plan your U.S. arrival so you can begin working June 15-July 10.

Work Finish Dates: We are looking for candidates who can finish working September 7. After Labor Day  the schedule changes to part-time, weekends only. You should be as upfront and honest as possible about your work finish date. It is customary in the U.S. to give at least two weeks notice of your final day of work.

Uniform: We provide one logo t-shirt and hat which must be worn at all times. Additional logo merchandise is available at 50% off the retail price. Please bring neat shorts or pants and comfortable, closed-toed shoes. Interviews: We will interview individually, but we are able to hire friend groups of two people and couples. English must be a 7 or higher.

Housing Information: Your employer does not provide housing directly, but will assist with providing resources in the area. Housing in NJ is typically apartment/house shares with other program participants. Rent can range from $95-120 per week plus deposit upon arrival. *You will need to rent a bicycle to get from their housing to work.

Area Description: The areas of Wildwood, Ocean City & Sea Isle City, NJ are popular tourist destinations for both Americans and J-1 students from all over the world. The region popularly referred to as the “Jersey Shore” is best known for its beautiful beaches and boardwalk. There are many beaches a short bike ride away and busses that our students take to visit major cities such as New York City (2hrs), Philadelphia (1.5hrs), Washington DC (3.5hrs), and Baltimore (3hrs). Atlantic City, NJ with its outlet shopping malls is only 45 minutes north. In addition, we plan trips to local tourist areas, including Philadelphia. We also sponsor fundraising events such as our donut eating contest.


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