Eniko Simon: The selected one – my American summer

2014 was the year of mine, when everything came together that I wanted and more! 2014 was the selected year for me, with the tactic of patience and a dash of luckiness my biggest dreams came true!

6-Surfing7-Los Angeles by nightDuring the summer of 2014, was my third Work and Travel experience. The first two experiences were made in Ocean City, Maryland while working for Ripley`s Believe It Or Not and being a sales person at a candy store. (Oh, how I loved that time, too!) For the third time around, I made it happen! I ended up at my dream location, something I have wanted since the beginning of my journey. During the summer of 2014 I was working in San Diego, California. From there I started as a simple ‘Room Attendant’, and with perseverance I quickly moved to be ‘Hostess’.

1-101Living the SoCal lifestyle simply just suits for me so much! I was never happier, while enjoying the sun, the beach, the freedom, the coolness and the fashion at the same time. Yes, people are friendly and happy in the US, but then I do not know how to describe Southern Californian people! They are the one, who exactly know where they are at and what it means and takes to live in Cali. Therefore they make the best out of it! They appreciate the nature and they truly love living in the wonderful SoCal, just like me.
Having four other J1-ers working with me, I got the chance to visit all the places I love, and party with style. In 2014, I made it back to the Grand Canyon and to the fabulous Las Vegas for a Calvin Harris party at the MGM. We experienced driving through LA`s Skid Row after Borgore. Just to name a few more, earlier I did enjoy the time I spent on a Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson concert as well.

2-Sunset in California

4-Parasailing in Key West

I had a second job as a store associate, which gave me enough discount to almost change my entire wardrobe, and together my jobs allowed me to visit Mexico and have a few weeks in Florida, attending a Business Conference in Miami, and to enjoy Key West as well.
San Diego was the place where I had my friends coming over from San Francisco and all the way from New Jersey as well.
I cannot wish for more than admiring the gorgeous waves from the patio as the sun sets down… And at the same time being paid for being nice! My employer was super respectful and helpful! My co-workers were all amazing! We had so much fun while at work, and while hanging out afterwards.

3-Grand CanyonIf I make a though calculation probably I ate enough burgers during the summer to say I ate an average 5 burgers per week. And guess what?! This year I did not gain any weight! Those burgers are just so delicious and if you choose the right ones, healthy as well!
While being a J1 visitor I got the chance to see on the Eastern side, New York a several times, and have fun on the Ruby-Red Stairs, also I completed the Rocky challenge in Philadelphia, I did see New Jersey, the Niagara Falls, a little bit from Canada as well and Washington DC. On the other side Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and the whole LA means a lot to me as well as San Diego, where I got to visit the biggest zoo on the world and I spent a lot of time in Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, also in the high class La Jolla and Coronado Island.

5-Beverly Hills
Over all America did teach me to be brave! I`ve learnt what friendliness really is and how it looks like on the master level! It also pushed me to smile all the time!! It helps me to stay interesting and inspire others…America took away my fear of impossible, it gave me my boyfriend and now I also know what it means to enjoy a good life and I am even doing it!
Good luck everybody!! Go to visit America! Yes, it does worth it!!


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