Tax Refund

How can you get back your taxes from USA, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand or Germany? If you have worked in USA, Canada. Great Britain, New Zealand or Germany for a period of time, you have the right to apply for tax refund.

During your work period, the employer has retained taxes out of your paycheck, but at the end of the fiscal year or one you have returned to your home country, you have the right to get them back, fully or partially. We  help you get your taxes back in the most quick and easy way possible. All you have to do is a free estimation or to register on the website to be shortly contacted by specialists who will guide you through this process and will give you all the necessary information.

Documents you need:

Paychecks from each employer which you worked for abroad:

  • For USA – the W2 Form or the last whole paycheck from each employer (original/copy)
  • For UK – the P45/P60 Form from each employer (original)
  • For New Zealand – Summary of Earnings/ The last cumulative paycheck from each employer (copy)
  • For Germany – Lohnsteuerbescheinigung from each employer (copy)
  • For Canada – the T4 Form or the cumulative paycheck from each employer (copy)

*In case you don’t have the paychecks – there is no problem. We can get for you copies after them.

In certain countries like USA, Canada or New Zealand there is also needed a copy of the visa from your passport and a copy of the Social Security Card/Social Insurance Number/IRD Number.

The advantages of using

  • Over 16 year of experience in tax refund services
  • Global coverage – over 27 local offices
  • ISO 9001 Certification – guaranteed quality of services
  • 24/7 Assistance
  • Pre-travel services (electronic newsletters)
  • Free calculation of the amount you need to receive
  • No advance comission
  • Recovery service for payment documents
  • Services offered in 22 languages – including Romanian
  • Refunding or the maximum legal amount
  • Refunds transfered anywhere in the world
  • Multiple options of payment.